Links of the Day…

A selection of articles that I have enjoyed over the last few days…

How to be a judge – Spinning Hugo

Key Figures In British Engineering History Who May Or May Not Have Led A Secret Double Life. Part 1 In A Series Of 1 – Why Miss Jones

With style and a dash of daring, the new SNP MPs rise to battle for their own little corner – Chris Deerin

It’s Time to Legalize Polygamy – Fredrik Deboer

They’re Trying to Be King of the Mormons – Matt Canham, Thomas Burr


Recent Media Coverage

Nathan Gamester - Prosperity Index 2013 cropped

Over the last few weeks I have spoken to many journalists about the latest edition of the Prosperity Index. The global coverage has been extensive and so a full run down would be difficult. However, I thought I’d pull together a selection of articles either that I’ve authored or in which I’m quoted.

  • Four Major Changes to Global Prosperity
    Harvard Business Review (link)

It was Abraham Maslow who gave us that famous observation — “when the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.”  We all understand the implication: Anyone attempting to solve an ambiguous problem should start out in possession of a broad set of tools. It is curious, then, that we continue to fall into the trap of…

  • How Prosperous is the United States?  
    Foreign Policy, Democracy Lab (link)

The results are in! The Legatum Institute has just launched the 2013 Prosperity Index, a broad measurement of national success that looks beyond GDP. Norway tops the rankings (for the fifth year running) followed by Switzerland in second place and Canada in third. The United States ranks outside the top ten, placing 11th overall…

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Links of the Day…

A selection of articles that I have enjoyed over the last few days…

More Capitalism, not less of it, is the Answer – Ian Birrell 

What Data Can’t Do – David Brooks 

Real Conservatives cut spending before taxes – Daniel Finkelstein 

The Great Think-Tank Bubble – Ken Silverstein 

Europe Needs Cameron’s Tough Love – Andrew Mitchell 

Michael Gove Interview – Daily Mail 

Links of the Day…

A selection of articles that I have enjoyed over the last few days…

– The Credit Illusion, David Brooks in the NYT

– We Are Great Britain, Daily Telegraph Editorial

– Why We Should be Worried About Mali, Will Inboden on Foreign Policy

– Why Paul Ryan? Ross Douthat at the NYT

– Hedemonics or Humanomics? Carol Graham for the Brookings Institution

– Baroness Trumpington Interview, Daily Telegraph

– David Cameron’s Spanish holiday wardrobe continues to underwhelm, Daily Telegraph