The Major Years

JMajorPMDigging around YouTube I found this BBC documentary on John Major’s political life (first aired in 1999, I think). It features extensive footage of John Major discussing and reflecting upon his political life including his fast rise within the Conservative Party (from very humble roots) as well as his time in Downing Street. It also features interviews with many of Major’s contemporaries including Douglas Hurd, Ken Clarke, Norman Tebbit, Charles Powell, and others.

I’ve always been fond of Major the man (I’m too young to be able to remember him as Prime Minister). To my eye, there is a rare dignity about him, especially in the way he has conducted himself since leaving office. His decision not to accept a Peerage upon leaving office (an offer usually extended to all former Prime Ministers) is notable, even though he’d make an excellent addition to the House of Lords. His recent appearance before he Leveson Enquiry was also very impressive, as are his occasional appearances on Andrew Marr’s sofa on a Sunday morning. Further, his books on the history of Cricket and the Music Hall demonstrate genuine expertise and passion for subject matter beyond politics.

The BBC documentary is presented in five parts, each 15 minutes long, which I have embedded below. Enjoy…

The Major Years, Part 1

The Major Years, Part 2

The Major Years, Part 3

The Major Years, Part 4

The Major Years, Part 5


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