Questionable Judgement

John Hirst, the man you may have seen in the media advocating for prisoner voting rights, has a blog. I don’t follow it but I was pointed towards a recent entry in which he describes how he has been picking and cooking blackberries.

Prior to becoming a campaigner for prisoner rights, Mr Hirst served 25 years in prison for murdering his landlord, Mrs Burton, with an axe. According to this Telegraph article, the two were watching television when Mrs Burton asked him to get some coal for the fire.

He went to the shed, got the coal and at the same time picked up a heavy hand axe. He returned to the living room, put the coal on the fire, and then approached Mrs Burton and hit her, perhaps seven times, on the head with the axe. He then went to the kitchen to make coffee and drank it, waiting for Mrs Burton to die.

Which brings me back to the aforementioned blackberry-related blog post. Because Mr Hirst decided to title that particular post, “A Bloodbath in my Kitchen”.



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